Why Arab brands fail?

Well, It’s gonna be a tough topic that I know many fellow Arabs might not go along with. But excuse me guys, I think you need to wake up. Cause guess what! This post is only the intro!

Since I’m a proud Arab, and way long before I chose to be a marketer, I spent quite a time trying to find a logical answer to one question “Why don’t we, the Arabs, have strong, settled brands like Coke, H&M or Apple?”. Then, while studying international media as an undergraduate, the same question showed up again as there was, not even one single, international newspaper like American ones, “such as New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, etc.” that invade our minds and frame news for us. Only poor translated versions of the local newspapers were there, and the silly excuse was that, establishing a successful international newspaper is costly. Come on Arabs!

Shifting to marketing after graduation, I finally found a proper answer to my question, as it turned out that building/developing a real brand, however, requires much more than money. It requires a clear vision, market understanding, experience, innovation, creativity, consumer Respect and more.

In his book “Brand Revolution: Ousting Old Mideast Trading Mindsets”, Said Baaghil described it perfectly;

Said Baaghil - Why Arab Brands Fail - MShahawy

That said, I believe It’s quite clear that it’s important to discuss this matter openly to be able to find solutions. Hopefully, one day we achieve the dream of founding a strong, valuable and sustainable Arab brand.

So, in case you’re asking what’s next?, and Since it is a large topic to be covered in one post, i’m gonna tackle this subject in a series of posts, 10 episodes, if you will. And at the end, I’m going to combine them all in one E-book.

The coming post to cover “Arab businesses and the merchant mentality”. So stay tuned!

Always feel free to comment and share so we get more people involved in the discussion.

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