Who is the king?

Heads up! By reading this article you may never look at either your business or the chess board the same way again!

Looking at the chess board I see nothing but a typical reflection of the business game, don’t you see the same? In both, you have to analyse the whole board/market holistically, your competitor/s moves should be monitored carefully as it affects you and your plans directly, there is always a measured time for you to respond, and surely developing a solid resilient strategy is not even a question, or .. check mate.

The fascinating thing is that the game proves one point and it’s the essence of business and marketing; “change is the only constant” and though you might be fully aware of your troops and their power/core competencies, and might build a competitive advantage based on that, you can’t expect what is coming.

Give it a thought, we are talking about a perfect environment of uncertainty, as both you and your opponent should change tactics and try more creative methods to be able to maneuver and eventually prevail. the main difference here is that business wars never end that easy, sometimes they never end at all, take Coca wars for instance.

So, What chess pieces are portraying? Well, let’s see …

– Your production and R&D departments are doubtlessly your knights. They let you move faster,  they protect your brand and its interests and most of the times they are the ones creating your business its edge.

– The rooks are the walls protecting your castle, who would do that better than your PR division.

– Now, getting to the Bishops. They represent the religion and its power and you can find them on either side of the king and the queen. Oh, you guessed it right, we’re talking about HR and Finance.

– And regarding the queen, I believe it is crystal clear. Yes Exactly, it’s the marketing department. It has the power, it goes everywhere, and it defends the king inexhaustibly.

– Pawns are the front line soldiers, and who would play that better than your customer care and sales representatives.

But here we come to the tricky question. Who is the king?

Asking friends, marketing professionals and also the young marketers throughout my meetings or talks in the last year, I kept getting the same answer almost %80 of the times. And the question used to go like this;

If the chess board was a typical reflection of your business, who is the king?

And the answer was usually; “My business”, “Every department”, or some other times, “It depends”.

But in business, and in case we understand it properly, there is a clear king, and there is one and only. Still wondering? It’s the customer. Yes, Your customer!

The customer is the one you are protecting, the customer is the one you are developing innovative solutions to solve his problems and fulfill his needs, and the customer is the only reason behind your business existence. The whole market war is on the customer base/market share. You lose that base and you lose it all. Reflect that on your business and you will find that you might be able to sacrifice some pieces, but when the king is surrounded, you are all done.

So, in case you are working for/own that kind of business that spinning around itself. It’s time for you to better understand who you’re serving, and who is the true king of your kingdom, or else … Check mate!

If that was interesting enough for you, stay tuned for the next article “How to save your king?”

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