What marketers can learn from Adele’s Hello!

You might be wondering what a new song has to do with marketers, but let me assure you that Adele’ new hit song that surpassed 25 million YouTube views in its first 24 hours has a lot to do with us.

Without further ado, it simply screams the fact that “Product matters!

Adele’ Hello smashed the internet and now it is the second-fastest video to hit 100 million Youtube views ever. And guess what! this’s the lady’ comeback after three complete years of disappearance. Here are some other nice facts:

– The song/Product is beautifully done. Adele is very talented no doubt.
– The video clip was simple, story teller with no use of sexual appeals or women objectification, besides being the first to be shot with iMax cameras.
– Fellow singers, or competition if you will, got nothing to do but sharing her song, congratulating her for the marvellous come back and success.
– And the part that I liked the most is that the song came out with the same name of the famous Hello of the great Lionel Richie, but was that a showstopper? Never, it just easily wiped it off.

The product marketed itself easily – well, sort of – emphasising on the fact that a good product is nearly %70 of the marketing process, or at least this is what I believe in. And this leads us to the endless argument about marketers’ role, where it starts and when it ends. I say that a major part of a marketer role is to make sure that his product is worthy for people, cause a weak product will offer nothing but a weak value which supposed to make no sense for those who supposed to be value creators.

Feel free to share your views, and don’t miss the joy of listening to the great song!

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