The one session that’s going to change your business forever!

Throughout my experience of consulting start-ups and organisations, I came to realise that most of businesses, specially in MENA, eventually fail, particularly as a result of the lack of business experience. The majority of start-up owners come from technical background, and though they introduce brilliant ideas, they usually get lost before drowning with their products because of one or more of these common reasons below:


– Great idea, but weak business model.
– Too complicated product as a result of  the lack understanding of customer needs.
– Wrong STP “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning”.
– Commodity instead of sustainable business concept.
– Building a business around one single event.
– Funding issues.


Familiar, aren’t they?

The same goes for established businesses, but normally with one more annoying point, that most of the time businesses are so close to their problems to see and resolve.

Well, fear not, cause I’m here with the solution. The session that is going to help you reshape and direct your business.